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Accordion hand made art books

The format of Accordion book provides a great pallet for making unique and unusual art books.  Depending on how the paper strip is fold, the pages can be square, rectangular or triangular.  They can include pockets and windows to hold other items, and even create three dimensional shapes.  Below are two examples of accordion books I have made.  One tells a story, the other was designed to be a unique gift book. 

Salmon of Knowledge art book project:  

The Celtic story of the Salmon of Knowledge is told on seven panels with accompanying hand inked and painted illustrations.   On the obverse side the full length of paper is used for a large hand inked and painted illustration.  

Various decorative papers are used for the book covers and hand made glass beads in the shape of a salmon and hazelnut are used for the closure.

Pocket seed books:

These accordion books have six pockets designed to hold seed packets.  They have decorative garden design covers and green garden twine ties.  Each book has a unique hand inked garden drawing on the obverse side.