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Leather bound hand made books

leather hand made books with long stitch bindings
Many of the books I make have leather covers and are bound using traditional Long and link stitch.  I use supple leather, binding the signatures to create a book with pages that easily lay open.  These books are good for writing, drawing and painting.  The books can be made in any size and contain multiple signatures.  I use a variety of closures including: traditional leather straps, twine, buttons, snaps and velcro.  Variations in the binding stitches are used to create interesting patterns on book spines. 

My leather books are stained using eco dye.  This dye is water soluble, and can be diluted and mixed to create a wide variety of colors.   In addition the process does not require the use of any harsh chemicals.  Because I dye the leather, I can also stamp the leather or use inks on the leather prior to sealing it.  

One of the most beautiful books I have made use oxidized copper for the covers and a leather spine with a link and long stitch binding.